The Gender Discrepancy: Man Managing a Popular Female Coding Influencer’s Instagram

Eduards Sizovs, founder of DevTernity, is suspected to be behind the Coding_Unicorn Instagram account, which claims to be run by a female coder named Julia. Sizovs has been accused of creating a fake account and using it to promote his own events. The evidence includes a YouTube video showing Sizovs logging into the account’s email and photos of Julia’s computer screen showing her logged in as Sizovs. Julia’s Instagram captions are also identical to Sizovs’ LinkedIn posts. The credibility of DevTernity has also been called into question after two allegedly fake female speakers were removed from the lineup and the event was ultimately canceled. Sizovs defended himself, claiming that the controversy is unwarranted and that he did nothing wrong. As for the future, Sizovs stated that he will make more effort to ensure diversity in his events, and the true identity of the person behind Coding_Unicorn remains unknown. For more details, refer to the article from 404 Media.