The Shifting Landscape of Layoffs and Acquisitions in 2023

In this gaming news roundup, we look back on the dynamic year in gaming, which was marked by acquisitions, layoffs, and unionization. Baldur’s Gate 3 will never come to Xbox or PC Game Pass, according to Larian Studios. Naughty Dog has officially canceled The Last of Us Online, stating that they don’t have the resources. 2023 was a pivotal year in gaming due to major consolidation in the industry. Companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Tencent made big purchases, which can impact game development studios. There were a significant number of layoffs in 2023, leading to over 9,000 people losing jobs in the video game industry. Unionization is seen as a viable approach to protect the livelihoods of those in the video game industry, with union support at various studios. Finally, the writer recommends playing The Talos Principle II.