Top Smart Scales to Keep You On Track in 2024

Obtain fitness data.

Withings Body+ ($99.95)

A touch above the standard smart scale, the Withings Body+ is more considered in its approach. Its scale core is accurate, and its Wi-Fi support means it can automatically send your results to the servers, as well as other platforms including Apple Health. It’s mid-range in terms of price and other features but a clear frontrunner for many consumers.

Eufy Smart Scale C1 ($29.99)

An affordable and approachable smart scale, the Eufy Smart Scale C1 undercuts the competition to an almost ludicrous extent, with its $30 price really opening it up to a much wider market. It looks like a Huawei phone, syncing with the company’s Health app, and it also offers the same array of health metrics as any other model, but at a much smaller price.

Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale ($149.99)

You’re paying for the brand, and that’s okay, right? The Garmin Index S2 does offer much the same features as other similarly priced scales, but perhaps without the burden of all the extras in terms of health metrics. If you’re already locked into the Garmin ecosystem, this scale is an easy pick.

Omr Fall Smart Scale ($99.99)

Another stylish option, the Omron Fall Smart Scale offers a healthy array of measurement services to help visualize your health statistics over time. Its app ecosystem is somewhat confusing, and our unit’s firmware was in dire need of a patch, but its basics are all on point.

We tested all of these scales in a consistent environment, i.e. my apartment’s bathroom, and under a single user profile. (I urge you not to use a scale that you do not fully trust. Importantly, our statistical tests are only useful for an indication over time – the statistically significant differences between our findings could be swamped by the variation across other users and their environments.)

Now, with this batch of scales tested, take into account your own needs: what are you looking to specialize in? Connectivity and integration, for instance, should lend you toward Fitbit, Garmin or Withings; accessibility may lead you to Xiaomi or Eufy. After some research and figuring out what you’re looking for, it’s time to think about your scale purchase and to take a confident step toward a healthier, data-driven life.