Twitch Tightens Guidelines to Prohibit Implied Nudity

Twitch has once again modified its nudity policies, this time prohibiting streamers from pretending to be fully or partially nude, according to Angela Hession, Twitch’s VP of Trust and Safety. The change, reported by The Verge, was made in response to streamers implying nudity with strategically placed objects, censor bars or camera angles. The updated terms also prohibit see-through clothing and require proper categorization of content when streaming near a pool, beach, or hot tub, where the full coverage of the buttocks requirement is relaxed. Twitch also plans to blur thumbnails for streams labeled as having sexual themes and enable users to control the content they see based on how it’s labeled. Currently, Twitch mandates that streamers cover their buttocks, genitals, nipples, and underbust areas, with visible outlines of genitals prohibited. Cleavage is allowed as long as the streamer is clothed. However, given the frequent changes to Twitch’s policies, it may be wise to check back for updates frequently.