Amazon’s Exclusive $10 Monthly Grocery Subscription for Prime Members

Amazon has recently introduced a new subscription plan for its grocery service, which aims to attract more customers. Prime members can now pay $10 monthly to enjoy unlimited free deliveries from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods on orders over $35, as well as unlimited 30-minute pickup orders, regardless of the purchase amount.

This subscription plan is significant because it includes deliveries from Whole Foods, which previously incurred a $10 delivery fee since 2021. While Prime members used to enjoy free Amazon Fresh grocery deliveries over $35 until earlier this year, Amazon introduced a fee for grocery deliveries under $150, which was subsequently lowered to $100 in October. This meant that there was a $7 fee on Fresh orders of $50 to $100, and a $10 fee on orders below $50. Essentially, Prime members can now pay $10 each month to have the same benefits they had before January, alongside their existing Prime membership, which costs $15 monthly or $139 annually.

This move follows other efforts by Amazon to boost its grocery business, including expanding Fresh grocery delivery and pickup to non-Prime members in November. The subscription plan is currently being rolled out to Prime members in three US cities: Sacramento, CA, Columbus, OH, and Denver, Colorado.