Beeper: The Android App that Reverse-Engineered iMessage

The Beeper chat app claims to bring true iMessage support to Android devices, and it seems to actually work, according to users who have tried it. The code has been reverse-engineered to replicate the official iMessage protocol, and messages are sent to Apple’s servers before reaching their final destination, just like a real iMessage created by an iPhone. This high-tech wizardry was created by a 16-year-old high school student.

The app flags conversations with iMessage users and switches them over to blue bubble conversations via Apple’s official platform. Users do not need an Apple ID to log in. Beeper co-founder Eric Migicovsky was impressed by the tech, stating that “no one on Earth had done that.” The platform is not hacking the iMessage experience to work on Android; it is sending actual iMessages.

Beeper is being transparent about the technology and is aware of potential legal issues with Apple. However, the app’s iMessage code will be open source to ensure privacy and security. Migicovsky believes Beeper is on the right side of the law, as there is no actual Apple code in Beeper Mini, just custom-made recreated code. The app is currently free to download, though it features in-app purchases.