PS1 Nostalgia: The Morning After with a PlayStation 5 Makeover

The one-of-a-kind PS5 console features a retro gray finish and classic quad-color PS logo, along with a 90s-style makeover for the DualSense controller. Unfortunately, this customized PS5 will not be put up for sale. It is a farewell gift for SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan, who is retiring in March 2024. The gift was presented to him at a thank-you party attended by industry legends, including Ken Kutaragi, Kazunori Yamauchi, Nicolas Doucet, and Kenichiro Yoshida. At a recent Game Awards event, there were several new game announcements, including an RPG set in a procedurally generated world. The latest update for Meta’s Threads app now allows users to search for topics using tags. Additionally, indie studio Hello Games has announced a new title called “Light No Fire,” a multiplayer RPG sandbox set on an Earth-sized planet. Google recently admitted that a demo of its AI technology was edited and does not reflect real-time interactions. Lastly, Larian Studios announced that the Xbox version of “Baldur’s Gate 3,” was released at The Game Awards after a technical delay.