Beeper Ends Game of Cat and Mouse with Apple Over iMessage for Android App

Beeper vs Apple, a modern David and Goliath story, is coming to an end. Beeper’s chat app for the iMessage platform has been disabled by Apple once again, and Beeper has announced that this will be the last fix they release. The company stated that they are done with the “cat-and-mouse game” with Apple, the largest company on the planet.

The latest workaround is not a simple patch. It involves pairing your mobile device with a Mac or an old iPhone. Mac users with Beeper Cloud can update and reconnect. Another option is to ask a friend with a Mac and Beeper Cloud to share their iMessage registration code for use with the desktop app. Additionally, users can jailbreak an old iPhone and install Beeper’s tool to generate an iMessage registration code and then use the latest Beeper Mini app to enter the code and access the service.

The company notes that these fixes work well and restore blue phone numbers to the Beeper Mini experience. However, if you don’t have a Mac or an old iPhone, you may be out of luck unless you come across one in the future.

The battle between Beeper and Apple started when Beeper offered iMessage support to Android devices through a software exploit. As Apple found ways around Beeper’s fixes, the situation escalated and resulted in a month-long battle. If Apple blocks this final fix, it will be the end of Beeper Mini, although the company has made the software open-source for others to use. Beeper is, however, forging ahead with its primary chat app, promising to turn it into the “best chat app on Earth” by 2024.