Exclusive: Beeper Mini’s New iMessage for Android Setup Unveiled with Mac Compatibility

Beeper Mini is introducing a new process for its broken iMessage on Android integration that requires Mac access to send registration data from an Apple-made desktop or laptop. The company has been using its own fleet of Mac servers to provide registration data, but this has proven to be an easy target for Apple. As a result, a new functionality will be available in an update to the Beeper Cloud Mac app on December 19th, where unique “1:1” registration data for individuals will be generated, making the connection very reliable. However, the registered Mac will still need to periodically regenerate the data.

The company says that if you don’t have a Mac and want to use Beeper Mini, you can ask a friend to use their Apple computer for validation. The update will also restore chatting on iMessage with your Apple ID email if you don’t already have a phone number tied to your account.

It’s unclear if Beeper Mini’s users will stick around for the more cumbersome setup. Some commenters on Reddit expressed frustration with the new process, while others were more open-minded about Beeper’s persistence in the face of Apple’s moves to squash the service.

In addition to the new setup method, Beeper says it’s open-sourcing its full iMessage bridge and the Mac code that generates registration data. The company linked to a Github tool that allows users to self-host the bridge, bypassing the company’s servers for those who want extra assurance.