Exclusive: SAG-AFTRA Secures $40 Million Streaming Bonus and AI Safeguards in New Deal

The nformation about tentative deal with Hollywood studio executives has been disclosed. The actors’ union announced the agreement on November 8, bringing an end to a nearly four-month-long strike. Under the deal, actors would receive three wage increases between the time of ratification and July 2025: a 7 percent increase right away, followed by 4 percent in July 2024 and 3.5% in July 2025. Background actors will also receive a wage increase of 11 percent as of November 12, followed by 4 percent and 3.5% increases in July 2024 and July 2025, respectively. The deal also includes a smaller bonus for some members whose work has appeared on streaming platforms, amounting to $40 million a year for the deal’s three-year term. The show or movie in question must meet certain criteria of “success” in order for the actors to be eligible for this bonus. The deal also addresses studios’ use of artificial intelligence, requiring “informed consent and compensation for the creation and use of digital replicas of our members, living and deceased, whether created on set or licensed for use.” It also establishes higher contributions toward SAG-AFTRA workers’ health and retirement benefits, and aims to put an end to practices in hair and makeup that actors of color have called out as racist. The deal would also require the use of intimacy coordinators for sex scenes and those involving nudity, or if an actor otherwise requests it. The SAG-AFTRA National Board has approved the deal with 86 percent of votes in its favor, and now members will get their chance to weigh in. The voting period for ratification will open on Tuesday, November 14 and run until December 5.