Introducing Amazon’s Astro: The Tiny Robot Security Guard

Amazon introduces Astro for Business, the Alexa-equipped home robot now available as a security guard for small and medium-size businesses. The robot comes with an extendable camera and is designed to keep watch over business sites no larger than 5,000 square feet. Priced at $2,350 per unit, buyers will receive four months of free access to Ring Protect Pro ($20 a month) and Astro Security ($60 a month), a reduction from the original six-month offer. Ring Protect Pro allows connection to an existing Ring setup, while Astro Security enables the setup of specific patrol routes and alerts. Users who pay for both services will also have the option to upgrade to Virtual Security Guard for $99, which directs the feed to a local monitoring company when it detects suspicious activity.

Although Astro has been available to consumers on an invite-only basis, it has primarily been tested in business settings for about a year. This marks the first time it will be available for purchase without any barriers to entry, although the steep pricing may deter potential buyers.