Potential Legal Action: Tesla Reserves Right to Sue Cybertruck Owners for Premature Flipping

Tesla may take legal action against some Cybertruck owners for selling their vehicles too soon after purchase, but it’s uncertain if the rule applies to all customers or will remain in place for future buyers. Tesla recently updated its purchase agreement to state that it could seek injunctive relief to prevent owners from selling their vehicles within one year of purchase, and could also seek “liquidated damages” of up to $50,000 or the value received for the sale.

After the news spread on social media, Tesla quietly removed the clause, but it appears that the controversial rule still applies to customers who have ordered the $120,000 Foundation Series configuration of the Cybertruck. According to the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, buyers are prohibited from selling their vehicles within the first year, otherwise Tesla asks them to notify the company to potentially buy it back. Other automakers, such as Ferrari and Porsche, enforce similar rules, but it’s unclear if Tesla will apply it to all Cybertruck buyers or just Foundation Series owners. It’s advised for fans to review their purchase agreements, as breaking the rule could result in Tesla refusing to sell them any more vehicles in the future.