Top Reads of 2023: Our Favorite Books

Engadget’s staff picks include Grady Hendrix’s “Final Girl Support Group,” H. A.’s “The Chromatic Fantasy,” Nat Cassidy’s “Nestlings,” Alice Henderson’s “Alex Carter #3: A Ghost of Caribou,” and Genevieve Wheeler’s “Adelaide.” Each book offers a unique and engaging story, from horror and mystery to romance and fantasy, catering to a variety of readers. Hendrix’s novel, which is being adapted into an HBO series, offers a fresh take on the final girl trope from classic slasher movies. H. A.’s “The Chromatic Fantasy” blends romance and adventure in a fantastical setting, providing a refreshing break from heavier narratives. Cassidy’s “Nestlings” is a thrilling tale of a couple who moves into a mysterious apartment building, facing countless horrors as they try to uncover its dark secrets. Henderson’s “Alex Carter #3: A Ghost of Caribou” combines wildlife biology with mystery, as Carter investigates a series of murders while tracking a rare mountain caribou. Wheeler’s “Adelaide” offers a compelling story centered around a woman who struggles to balance her career, motherhood, and personal growth. These books promise to provide endless entertainment throughout the winter season.