Arturia Unveils Innovative Free Unison-Based Multi-FX Plugin

Arturia recently released a new plugin called Refract, and even better, it’s free until January 4. Refract is a unison-based effect that stacks voices to create unique soundscapes, which could be a boon for sound designers or anyone looking to add textural pizazz to their tracks.

As a multi-fx plugin, Refract offers a variety of Mode FX algorithms using the unison effect. It can duplicate a signal up to eight times, each with its own stereo voice, allowing for movement between “unfiltered stems to a wide and powerful sound.” The integrated effects can be combined to create a dispersion pathway that fits your wildest imaginations.

The user interface is colorful and fun, with easy adjustments for voices, filters, LFO, and other metrics. There is also a wealth of presets that illustrate the plugin’s multi-effect capabilities, including delay, distortion, and a unison-based chorus.

Free plugins are always a treat during the holiday season, and it’s worth noting that Refract is only free until January 4, after which it will cost $100.

This holiday season has already been significant for Arturia, with the recent launch of its synth pack and the earlier release of the MiniFreak hardware synthesizer.