Arturia V Collection X: A Major Upgrade for Fans

Arturia V Collection X is a significant update to the virtual synth library. Six new instruments have been added, bringing the total number of instruments in V Collection to 38. MiniFreak V, Acid V, Augmented Brass and Augmented Grand Piano are now joining the V Collection. Two new instruments, Augmented Woodwinds and CP-70 V, are also entering the fold. Augmented Woodwinds, in particular, successfully blends synth and woodwind samples, while CP-70 V is an emulation of Yamaha’s electric piano from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Augmented Woodwinds, Brass, and Grand Piano are designed primarily with scoring in mind, whereas CP-70 V is a straightforward electric piano. Acid V continues to be an excellent TB-303 emulator. MiniFreak V has received a major update with a new wavetable engine and 64 new presets. Arturia has also improved its presets for MiniFreak 2.0, Augmented Woodwinds, and Mini V4, showing off the plugins’ musical capabilities.

The rebuilt Mini V4 is a standout, with noticeable improvements to its sound and overall fuller experience. It now offers more inherent instability and a smoother frequency cutoff. Arturia also rebooted its Wurlitzer plugin to create Wurli V3, which has a brighter, more inviting tone and a wider stereo field. Overall, Arturia V Collection X offers impressive, updated virtual synthesizers for a wide range of musical needs.