Teenage Engineering’s K.O. II: The affordable and hip sampler from a game-changing company

The recent products by Teenage Engineering have a common theme of requiring more money to purchase. The launch of the EP-133 K.O. II 64MB Sampler Composer sparked excitement as it was reasonably priced at $299. However, soon after the product was released, users encountered issues with defective faders, prompting some to speculate about the cause. Some theorized that the tight-fitting cap of the fader was putting too much pressure on internal components, potentially causing damage. Despite the initial issues, the K.O. II received positive feedback for its design and portability. The device features a unique display and intuitive navigation, making it easy to use for music production. It also comes with pre-installed samples and offers the ability to add custom samples. However, some users were disappointed with the 12-voice limit and the lack of resampling capabilities. Although there are workarounds for these limitations, users hope for future firmware updates from Teenage Engineering to address these concerns.